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Canadian Cane Corso Association


The Canadian Cane Corso Association (CCCA) was founded in February 2010, as a national specialty breed club dedicated to the preservation and protection of the correct historical and modern Cane Corso breed, in its entirety, within Canada; functioning under the rules and guidelines of the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC).

We believe in encouraging and promoting the pure-bred Cane Corso by publishing a clear definition and description of the breed, and urging the pursuit of the CKC approved standard by breeders.

We strive to preserve and advance the quality of the Cane Corso, not only in appearance, but in strength, stamina, temperament, character, obedience, and movement, and in addition, to encourage the training of the Cane Corso for positive purposes.

Continuous breed education with regard to responsible Cane Corso ownership is a priority.

Through our membership, we will strive to be involved in all facets of Cane Corso ownership and exhibition via the holding of specialty shows, sanction matches, performance trials and other events, and at the same time, strive to maintain a high ethical standard among the breeders and exhibitors of the Cane Corso in Canada.

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