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Carting event Canada
 Cane Corso Fun Day - July 2010

Our Cane Corso Fun Day was a wonderful way to start things off publically for our Club. We invited experienced and knowledgeable performance event enthusiasts to give short 10 - 15 minute basic seminars on Rally, Obedience, Tracking, Herding, Carting, Schutzhund and Agility along with a demo of each sport. HUGE thank you to Gwen Haynes, Michelle Whistlecraft, Kim Zippel, Shannon O'Briant and Pawsitracs for volunteering their time to help us make this day a great success. Thank you for bringing your dogs and equipment for the demos. We could not have done this Fun Day without you!

Thank you to everyone who attended our Fun Day and contributed by helping with the potluck meal, the setup and teardown and simply supporting us by attending! Special thank you to Chip for all of the extra little things you did for us!!!!

We are looking forward to many more such events!
Betty Osing
  Carting event Canada

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